Welcome to the official site of Eddie Costa!


Welcome to the Official Site of Eddie Costa.


It has been 42 years since jazz great Eddie Costa died in a tragic car accident on New York's Westside Highway on July 28, 1962. He was 31 years old and by that time assembled a musician's resume most people can't achieve in a lifetime.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be expanding his webpage to include discographies, photographs, reviews, and personal anecdotes from his fellow musicians and the family that knew him. If you have a personal story to share about Eddie Costa, we encourage you to write to us.

This is a long overdue project and a labor of love. This official site is operated and maintained by the Costa family and is completely non-profit. There are very few photographs of Eddie and no moving video that we know of. If you have pictures, movies, or other items we would love to know about them. Please contact us by